Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Most of the time, when someone mentions poetry to me, I think of rhyming words and happy songs.
I kind of get the vague idea of a deep meaning, a hidden message.

But then after a while, if I sit down and think about it, all the statements and ideas, suggestions and thoughts about poetry that were hidden away in my mind come flooding back to me.
Poetry is like a river flowing across the page. It's not just words one after the other kind of stiff and awkward, its like a silk ribbon trailing along the ground. It leaves the words imprinted on your mind and the words connect with each other in a deeper way than some of us understand. The whole point of poetry is that it's up to the reader to interpret it in their own way. Every single person in the world that reads one poem could take something different away from it.

It's hard for me to explain but poetry is like a more abstract version of prose (like essays, paragraphs, articles...) if that makes sense.

Poetry can be really useful because I think its a much more.. um... beautiful way to express yourself. When you read it it's a lot more comforting and memorable than a droning essay.
However, it can sometimes be annoying because there are times when you want the point straight out, not this long winded way beating around the bush. There are ups and downs of poetry, two sides to the story.

One of my favourite poems ever comes from a book called 'Read Me and Laugh'. It's filled with poems that are funny and there's one for every day of the year. This poem is called 'Sky in the Pie!' by Roger McGough.

Waiter, there's a sky in my pie
Remove it at once if you please

You can keep your incredible sunsets
I ordered mincemeat and cheese

I can't stand nightingales singing
Or clouds all burnished with gold
The whispering breeze is disturbing the peas
And making my chips go all cold

I don't care if the chef is an artist
Whose canvases hang in the Tate
I want two veg. and puff pastry
Not the universe heaped on my plate

OK I'll try just a spoonful
I suppose I've got nothing to lose
Mm... the colours quite tickle the palette
With a blend of delicate hues

The sun has a custardy flavour
And the clouds are as light as air
And the wind a chewier texture
(With a hint of cinnamon there?)

The sky is simply delicious
Why haven't I tried it before?
I can chew my way through to eternity
And still have room left for more.

Having aquired a taste for the Cosmos
I'll polish this sunset off soon
I can't wait to tuck into the night sky
Waiter! Please bring me the Moon!

I love this poem because its funny but at the same time, it slowly unreels the story in a clever way. You learn about the setting slowly, its not just given to you, you have to decipher it yourself.

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