Friday, 25 January 2013

5 Things I Want To Save For The Future

1. Books.
In 30 years time, how many paper books will still exist? In the world of iBooks, Kindles and eBooks, who knows how long the real thing still has left in the world? I want to have something special when I'm older, as a memory and as a glimpse of what life was like before the takeover of technology. And even if books are still around, I doubt that the same titles will still be selling. My mum kept some old, yellowed books from her childhood, and they are actually really good and fun to read.

2. Marbles.
I have a small collection of marbles that I prize. They're like real treasures to me. My brother and I constantly trade marbles and I enjoy getting different 'prices' for the varied colours, sizes and designs. (This may sound quite childish, but it's fun :P) Marbles are age-old toys that people will continue to enjoy throughout the years... or so I hope.

Gemstones and silver rings by Helmetti on Flickr. 
3. Jewelry.
I want to save my necklaces, bracelets and rings, not only because they might increase in monetary value, but in sentimental value as well. They are precious to me so I want to pass them on. My mum wears her great-grandmothers ring, so maybe in 100 years time my great-granddaughter (:P) will be wearing my rings :O

4. Technology.
At the extremely fast rate technology is evolving, I think it will be interesting to see how 'out-dated' the latest models (now) of computers and MP3's will be in the future. My friend has an MP3 player from 2001, made by Apple, and when I looked at it I was amazed to see that it actually worked!

5. Minerals and Metals.
Resources are being mined extremely fast, so who knows how long they will last for? I have souvenir bottles of gold and silver leaf, as well as a little box of peridot (my birthstone :D). Even tiny gemstones could become rare, so I want to save these. I love the idea of having something different and unusual.

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