Tuesday, 27 November 2012


asdfghjkl; this isn't a structured blog post, it's just my thoughts in typing,

In English today we watched Michelle's vlog and read Solal's post, about introverts and social outcasts. I just wanted to say that while they say they forget how to talk, they are shy, being friends with them is 'uncool', they're actually full of more courage than I could ever summon. Michelle, the way that you just spoke to the camera, right up close, I would never be able to do that. I hate the sound of my voice on tape and how I look in a photo or video. I could never speak my feelings as freely as Solal did there.

hermit crab on my PB by strollers on Flickr.
I guess that's what I was thinking; wow, and also, how? I think it's amazing that some people can just open out of their shell online, that's the beauty of blogging. I kind of do, I guess, in some of my blog posts, but it's not how I feel, just how I think. Good job guys, you're amazing. You've set a great example of how the digital world helps us all to talk and speak without worries.


From the Purple Owl :)

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  1. Just wanted to say that I stopped by, read your words and am thankful for it. You really seem to have a mature understanding of what is possible in these spaces, and I wanted to thank you for thinking deeply and sharing your thoughts.

    Blogging is not all about deep dark soul revealing confessions. It is about simple sharing of thoughts and ideas. Even when they may not be fully formed.

    Side note: great use of links, citations and images as well.