Thursday, 11 October 2012


I haven't blogged for a while! Because I was swimming, and yeah, swimming some more.

I've been meaning to post about swimming for a while. And here goes...

You dive deep below the surface, letting the gentle currents glide you through the water. You flip onto your back and lie, suspended, in the water, like you are a fruit inside a jelly. Above you the surface of the water is visible, like a thick skin of light, constantly shifting and changing and wobbling. You let bubble escape your mouth and watch as they rise to the surface like jellyfish. 

Swimming by wild-bliss on Tumblr. 
When you're underwater, there is a muffled sound from above, but nothing loud or sharp or painful to your ears. If I could hold my breath forever, I would stay underwater as much as I could, letting the cool droplets flow against my skin.

With one pull of your arms, you race through the water like a fish. Diving deeper, the iciness of the water surrounds you and chills you to the bone. Your lungs begin to burn, and your ears pop. You know you have to breath. Slowly, slowly, you rise to the surface, hair drifting around your face. You burst through the shimmery skin and suck in fresh air, longing to once more swim in the cool depths.

From the Purple Owl :)

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