Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes

In class, Blair mentioned this: "I think we see differently because we don't look through the same eyes." Some people responded with laughter, others with a confused glance, and others with a suddenly thoughtful expression on their faces.

I think that Blair had a really good point. This comment didn't mean that no ones eyes are the same (although that is true), it meant that no one looks at the same thing the same way. I mentioned this before in my other post on perspective; but that comment articulated my thoughts really well.

We see differently because no one has the same views on everything. Big issues, small issues; peoples past experiences reflect in their opinions. The mind is like a collage: everything that you hear, see, do, touch, taste, and smell is added to your mind, a little tiny image. But after time, there will be lots of pictures, and those tiny clippings will be a huge work of art that keeps growing. This giant collage is what helps you to understand and act, and have opinions. But everyones collage is different, whether it be the size of one tiny picture, or every single image in the collage.

Eyes are the mirror of my soul by RammoRRison on Flickr. 

Peoples perspectives are never the same, but does that mean we should hate each other, fight and feel angry? No. You need to keep an open mind, an open heart, and allow people from all around you to show you their perspective.
 From one of my favourite books, The Tide Knot, I read: "But I cannot speak to you now. You cannot hear me."

This is so true. How can anyone talk to you when your mind is so full of your own ideas, your own opinions on what is right and wrong?

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