Monday, 17 September 2012

English - Climbing the Mountain

English this year has been fun and exciting. Even though it's only been one and a half months, I find myself really excited and looking forward to English. I've learned so much already, especially about showing, and not telling. 

Showing not telling was about narrative writing. I learned how to describe a scene with much more detail so that the reader could picture it. I learned that senses are really important in describing a scene. 
We've worked on narrative pieces alone, in pairs and as a huge group, and every time my group and I were proud of the finished piece. 

Mountain and Snow by glenn. on Flickr. 
English is kind of like climbing a mountain (like the title of this post). You learn and learn and every time you gain a new piece of information, every time someone gives you feedback, every time you improve on your work, you take a step closer towards the top of the mountain. Once you achieve your very best, your biggest goal, then you move on to the next peak.

In English I have really enjoyed having the freedom to talk and read whenever you like. The 'Round Table' and 'Ghost Reading' were brilliant. It feels like we children finally have the option to talk as we like, to say what we truly want, without being called upon, or having the pressure of raising your hand. I am really looking forward to having a long, interesting discussion, and to reading another story. 
Ghost below the sunset by Scott M Duncan on Flickr. 

I wish that we could have some time in class to blog about anything we like. Blogging is fun and although like I said before you can't squeeze water out of a cactus, there are some days when we are oxygen. 


Some times the author is a little oxygen atom, and you just need to add hydrogen to get a reaction (BAM) and then water. So the hydrogen atom is like a keyword, or a prompt that the author could write about. 

Overall, English has been fun and very different. In a good way. :)

From the Purple Owl :)


  1. I really like how you wrote your post, using different metaphors for comparison! Come to think about it, I guess English really is similar to Climbing a Mountain. That was really smart! And I think it's a really good idea for you to post photos to show a more detailed picture of what you're talking about. :)

  2. I Enjoy your post on reflection on English and those metaphors. (the last one seemed to me that your forgot that science doesn't work that way) but the ideas of that information allows you to get to the top of the mountain of where you create your master piece.

  3. I really like how you related your blog post to things which are in everyday life. The different metaphors for comparison were a really nice touch to the overall blog entry.

  4. Your title is brilliant because it is not just called "Reflection". You transformed your piece into more than a reflection. "Climbing the mountain" is really inspiring and represents learning in a deeper way that I have never thought of before. I had forgotten to talk about the round table and ghost reading before reading your post which describes really well how you feel about english class. Your metaphores are always great and very original/creative/innovative!