Thursday, 20 September 2012

An Eye For An Eye

Everyone has a different point of view on everything. While some people are very similar with their points of view, I don't believe that it is possible to say "we share the same point of view". Sure, your general ideas may be the same, but everyone will have different doubts, thoughts and opinions on each subject.

The matter of the super trawler in the Australian waters is a biggie. Is it right or is it wrong? What are the positive and negative aspects of the super trawler? Who is affected by it?

To all the people out there, who have no idea what on earth the matter of the super trawler is, here's a brief description of the situation.

The second-largest super trawler in the world sailed into Australian waters. A super trawler is a huge fishing boat, with a net the size of 13 jumbo jets. That's huge! It catches around 250 tonnes of fish per day, and it can carry 6, 200 tonnes of fish onboard. This huge capacity enables it to sail much further away from shore into the deeper waters surrounding Australia, where most fishing trawlers can't reach.
There is a large controversy right now in Australia as to whether the super trawler should be allowed to fish or not. This is because everyone sees the super trawler through a different point of view, through their own eyes.

After we discussed the positive and negative aspects of the super trawler, we all collaborated on a Google Doc, writing our own POV's on the doc. My view was quite negative, because I am obsessed with animals and sustainability.

But then we were encouraged to think from someone elses point of view. My group was told to write a paragraph as a worker on the ship. It made me think about how other people might feel, although it did not change how I felt.

So sometimes, you need to look through someone elses eyes, and they could try looking through yours. I think that POV's and perspectives are intriguing, although, in my case, not easy to change.

From the Purple Owl :)

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  1. I really love your title! "An eye for an eye" is a really great title that caught my attention immediately! Your title also changed my thought about what this post would be about. It wasn't simply the story of what we did in english class but the story what you discovered. The conclusion was brilliant because it left me just thinking.. Great post! (please continue with your metaphores and titles!)